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About Walt Disney World Park Hacks

Amusement parks don't typically come with instruction manuals. Walt Disney World came pretty close in the early 1980s with the Steve Birnbaum guides. When I was a middle school aged child, I read those Birnbaum books until the cover fell off. I, being the oldest of six children in my family, worked hard to be the family tour guide and park expert.

Later in life, I've had friends and family ask for tips and strategies that they could use to help them plan their vacation. Previous attempts to this large resort were overwhelming. I typed up notes that could give them some order to their plan. They returned, beaming with delight, empowered to tackle the park again in the future.

Park Hacks is not a history book or a resource for the latest pricing and schedules. There are better avenues for that information. Countless books tell the rich history of The Walt Disney Company. The Disney website is the proper source for current pricing. Here you will find advice for planning, considerations for managing the desires of different age groups and strategies for managing energy, appetite, hydration and sun exposure.